Monday, December 11, 2023
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Dr. Noushad P.P.

Hon. Director

Dr. Noushad PP is an Associate Professor at SGTDS, Mahatma Gandhi University. He focuses his research and teaching on topics such as Developmental Studies, Social Statistics, Research Methodology, Education and Development, Educational Policy Studies, Educational Ideals of Gandhi, Peace Education and Alternative Education. <<read more>>

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Prof. M.H. Ilias

Joint Director

Prof. M.H. Ilias is a professor at SGTDS and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Mahatma Gandhi University. His teaching and research has focused on topics such as the sociology of conflict, comparative religion, religion and visual culture, South Asian Islamic movements, etc.  << read more>>

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Dr. Aparna Eswaran

Joint Director

 Dr. Aparna Eswaran is an Assistant Professor in the School of International Relations and Politics (SIRP). She did her Master’s, PhD and Post Postdoctoral Research from Jawaharlal Nehru University. . <<read more>>

Adjunct Faculty


The statutory departments associated with the integrated programme have altogether thirty faculty positions. They are recognized as adjunct faculties in various fields of social sciences. List of Adjunct Faculty includes; Dr. C. Vinodan, Dr. M.V.Bijulal, Dr. Lirar Pulikkalakath, Mathew Varghese (School of International Relations and Politics), Dr. Noushad P.P., Dr. Biju Lekshmanan, Dr. Hari Lakshmeendra Kumar, Mrs. Manjusha K A, Dr. Rekha Raj, Dr. Rajesh M., Dr. Abilash G Nath (School of Gandhian Thought and Development Studies) Dr. Abilash Babu, Dr. Rajesh Komath, Dr. Sujith Parayil (School of Social Sciences), . Dr. Arathi P.M. (School of Indian Legal Thought), Dr. Sylas V.P., Dr. Christopher Guna (School of Environmental Sciences).




Guest Faculties







Dr. Dinoop K

Faculty (Economics)



Mr. Linsy Thankappan

Faculty ( English)


Dr. Jabir T.K

Faculty ( Political Science)


Mr. Anil PC

Faculty ( History)


Dr. Binu Abraham

Faculty ( Malayalam)

Scholars in Residence and Visiting Fellows

The Integrated Masters Programme provides affiliation to nationally and internationally renowned senior scholars for varying periods of time. Additionally, this programme invites academics to interact with faculty and researchers to work on a specific theme and to present/publish their work here.